A place where a child can play, explore and learn!


We offer a play based, flexible program which is guided by the children’s interests, strengths and outcomes of our EYLF.

We appreciate families are children’s first and most influential teachers. We believe that open communication and a shared understanding of perspectives and expectations encourage respectful, reciprocal relationships. This ensures we achieve the best learning outcome for each child and that learning experiences are authentic and meaningful.

School Readiness

We believe in providing children with the opportunities to develop the skills needed to confidently transition to school on a daily basis, from the beginning of the year. We believe that healthy self-esteem and positive self-concept are the key to a successful transition to school and provide an environment that is both stimulating and safe where children can explore, discover, and experiment.

We work in partnership with our families and local Transition to school Teacher to facilitate a beneficial transition process. https://wallalongpreschool.com.au/school-readiness/

Quality Early Learning

In NSW all early childhood services participate in the assessment and rating process. Each centre’s operation is assessed against 7 Quality Standards. This process involves educators reflecting on current practices, setting goals for continuous improvement, and working towards achieving these goals. The centre then receives an assessment and rating visit where current practices, policies and procedures are reviewed.

Qualified Staff

All our educators are fully trained and have a variety of qualifications in early childhood education. We employ an Early Childhood Teacher who is our Educational Leader and guides our program. We are all trained in emergency first aid, Asthma, and anaphylaxis. We are mindful of the importance of maintaining up-to-date knowledge and regularly engage in professional learning.

Worimi Experience

We have created a story with the Worimi and our children which we are waiting to help transfer onto our totem pole. This story includes the children learning more of the local language (Gathang), painting techniques, and traditional dance. We will learn to dance our story.


We have a dedicated music program that runs twice a week to ensure we capture all our children. We feel music is a powerful tool for learning and development with invaluable benefits. The lessons incorporate a range of instruments and our children learn about musical elements including pitch, tempo, duration, and melody. The sessions are research-based and support children to achieve gains in cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development.